About Us

About Us

Qommunity LLC is an LGBTQ+ think tank committed to creating media, education and outreach solutions to LGBTQ+ concerns.

Qommunity first launched with the creation of Qommunity: The Queer Social Network (2015-2019). Under the slogan “You Belong Here” and the URL qommunity.org, it was a place where diversity was celebrated & individuality found sanctuary—a one-stop social network, media source and marketplace, and for LGBTQ+ and allies,

Qommunity then launched a publishing imprint, Qommunicate Publishing, to elevate LGBTQ+ voices through themed anthologies like Hashtag Queer: LGBTQ+ Creative Anthology, Vols. 1, 2 & 3,  the four LGBTQ+ True Stories Anthologies, Queer Families, More Queer Families, Queer Around the World and Queer Around the World Too, as well as Pan’s Ex: Queer Sex Poetry and the original Geek Out!: Queer Pop Lit, Art & Ideas. Qommunicate is now working with individual authors and artists to create standalone works in multiple genres and formats. 

Support our work elevating the LGBTQ+ community at paypal.me/qommunity

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  1. Payton Robbins
    Payton Robbins March 14, 2018 at 1:03 am .

    Dear friends,

    I find this a place I can submit my work.


    The Guneven

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